Transaction Screen Assessment

Transaction Screen Assessments represent a reduced scope of work as compared to a Phase I ESA. The TSA can be used for sites with an inferred lower potential for environmental liability.

William L. Going & Associates, Inc. performs the Transaction Screen Assessment using the ASTM E1528 protocol as a minimum standard. The value of the transaction screen is as an initial, less expensive investigative tool, although it does not satisfy the “all appropriate inquiry” standards for an innocent landowner defense.

If at any time during the TSA we identify the need for more intensive assessment (Phase I or II ESA), we notify the client immediately.

The scope of the TSA includes several elements as follows:

  • Interview with the owners and occupants of the property. The interview attempts to determine, among other things, whether or not subject property or adjacent properties have been used for industrial activities or storage of hazardous materials, and whether or not aboveground or underground storage tanks have existed on subject or adjacent property.
  • Site inspection to look for specific evidence of possible environmental contamination or “recognized environmental concerns” (RECs).
  • Review of government and other historical records to identify potential sources of environmental contamination that could affect the property, to look for evidence of past industrial activities, and to identify potential RECs.