Senior Staff

William L. Going, president

William Going has more than 30 years of experience in environmental site assessment, including multi disciplinary investigations of hazardous waste management facilities, industrial/utility plant sites, transportation corridors, and residential/commercial properties. His administrative responsibilities include personnel management, financial control of environmental studies, and environmental services marketing.

His technical responsibilities include environmental study design; coordination of field logistics; supervision of data collection by aquatic and terrestrial ecologists, chemists, toxicologists, hydrogeologists, land-use planners, and engineers; and data analysis and report writing/editing in the development of environmental site assessments. He is also active in litigation support and strategy.

Professional Experience:

Environmental Site Assessments In Real Estate Transaction: Conducted more than 1200 Phase I and II “due diligence” investigations, Preliminary Site Investigations, and Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies at commercial/industrial and high density residential properties for purposes of identifying and abating environmental impairment and liabilities, e.g. leaking underground storage tanks and electrical transformers, asbestos contaminated buildings, PCB and metal contamination in soils and sludge, and petroleum and solvent contamination in soil and groundwater. Participated in preliminary field investigations at more than 100 inactive hazardous waste disposal sites throughout New York State under the auspices of the NYSDEC Superfund Program (Phases I and II). Responsible for planning and conducting file searches, site reconnaissance, and data interpretation efforts designed to: (1) characterize former disposal operations and any potentially hazardous substances that may be present at sites, (2) identify pathways by which pollutants might be migrating from the original sites of disposal, and (3) determine what population or resources might be affected by pollutants from the sites.

Regulatory Compliance Audits: Conducted numerous environmental regulatory compliance audits for private industry and for government which focused on RCRA, SARA, OSHA, and CWA, e.g. conducted three-month long audit at major petroleum refinery in Bayonne, New Jersey; conducted audit at textile dye house/printing facility in Newburgh, New York, including indoor air and noise sampling, and wrote HAZCOM program and conducted worker training; conducted audits of SARA Tier I and II/ Form R at 40 representative industrial facilities for State of Rhode Island. Arranged a program for a workshop on federal RCRA, DOT, TSCA, and state regulatory requirements for storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous wastes for the Hudson River Environmental Society.
Environmental Impact Assessments: Experienced with environmental impact statements, environmental assessments, and various regulatory environmental exhibits (such as NEPA/SEQR EISs, 316[a] and 316[b] Demonstrations, and FERC exhibits) for projects ranging from nuclear and coal-fired power plant sitings to hazardous waste management facility sitings to proposed residential/commercial developments. Responsible, as project manager, for preparation of “NEPA type” draft environmental impact statements for one multifaceted (municipal, industrial, and hazardous) waste disposal site and three proposed hazardous waste disposal facilities operated by CECOS International, Inc. Prepared and used an assessment checklist to evaluate the environmental suitability of sites proposed to be used for storage, treatment, and disposal of hazardous wastes by DJC Conversion Systems, Inc.
Remedial Investigation and Risk Assessment: Directed sampling of surface water, groundwater, sediments, and biological specimens and subsequent assessment of risk to human and environmental health that could result from an outbreak of contaminated, oily wastes from the Pennsylvania Avenue Landfill into Jamaica Bay on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Co-authored “An assessment of the potential impact to human health from operation of a chemical waste management system, in Proceedings of 1980 Nations Conference on Control of Hazardous Materials Spills. Vanderbilt University Press.”

Biothreat Ranking: Designed and directed efforts to develop a biological threat-ranking model for the NYSDEC Bureau of Hazardous Site Control. The model examined the natural environment of inactive hazardous waste sites all across New York, and ranked potential threat to fish and wildlife resources.
Aquatic Ecology: Supervised limnological baseline and predictive impact assessment studies in Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, the Hudson River, the Mohawk River, and numerous smaller freshwater lakes, strip-mine ponds, and streams from Maine to North Carolina and west to Illinois for the Hudson River Utilities, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, C.T. Main, Inc., and the Illinois Coal Gasification Group, among others. Directed hiring and training of field biologists to collect fishery, benthos, plankton, and water quality data and was responsible for field logistics and quality control of aquatic ecological studies.

Terrestrial and Wetlands Ecology: Conducted surveys of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and vegetation in terrestrial habitats, including northern coniferous forest, eastern deciduous forest, southeastern coastal plains, and both coastal and freshwater wetlands throughout the Northeast for electric utilities, engineering firms, and government, including the New York Power Authority, Wehran Engineering, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the NYSDEC. Reviewed project impacts and alternatives utilizing habitat evaluation procedures; collected baseline data and projected environmental effects, so as to qualify and quantify changes to fish and wildlife resources.
Lake Reclamation and Management: Supervised “314” Clean Lakes Program studies on several lakes in the Northeast to examine the nutrient dynamics and sediment loading of the aquatic systems and to identify realistic techniques for abating the eutrophication process. Examined mechanical, chemical, and biological techniques, and conducted research on biological control of aquatic macrophytes using the white amur. Clients included the Town governments of Sussex, New Jersey and Monroe, New York, as well as private lake associations.


B.S.; North Carolina State University; Biology; 1973


OSHA 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations Safety Training EA Expert Witness Training


Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM, Master Level 1997-2005)
NYSDOL Asbestos Inspector (1996-2005)
Habitat Evaluation Procedures by USFWS
Wildlife Biologist by Wildlife Society
NAUI Certified Scuba Diver

Employment History:

William L. Going & Associates Inc. 1993-Present

EA Engineering, Science, and Technology
Dates of Employment: 1977 – 1993
Title: Manager, Environmental Site Assessment Studies.

Texas Instruments
Dates of Employment; 1973-1977
Title: Field Biologist, Ecological Services Group

Katherine J. Beinkafner, Consultant/Associate, Geologist/Hydrogeologist


Investigation & Remediation of Subsurface Contaminants
Groundwater, Hydrology, and Wetland Studies
Environmental Regulatory Compliance, HazMat
QA, Senior Review, Expert Testimony
Surface and Borehole Geophysics
Computer Modeling of Groundwater Systems
Risk Assessment of Subsurface Contaminants


B.S.; North Carolina State University; Biology; 1973
B.A; S.U.N.Y. at New Paltz; Geology; 1965
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Geophysics; 1966
M.S.; University of Pennsylvania; Physics; 1969
Ph.D.; Syracuse University; Geology; 1980


Petroleum Geologist Number 2683 by American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Professional Geological Scientist Number 6611 by American Institute of Professional Geologists

Professional Affiliations

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

American Institute of Professional Geologists

Association for Women Geoscientists

Geological Society of America

National Ground Water Association

Hudson Mohawk Professional Geologists Association

Professional Honors

Fellow of Geological Society of America


  • Beinkafner, K.J., 2000, Increasing Water Resources with a Horizontal Well, Illinois Mountain, Highland Water District, Highland, NY: National Groundwater Association Eastern Focus Conference, Newburgh, NY October 5, 2000, 10:40 AM

Unpublished Publications

  • “Radionuclide Transport to Human Access Locations, Transport Mechanism – groundwater and surface water (for Illionis LLRWSF License Application),” Dames and Moore, 1991.
  • “Subsurface Investigation Report, Town of New Paltz Landfill, Ulster County, New York.” Mid-Hudson Geosciences, 1991.
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  • “Report: Phase I: Exploration and Assessment for Development of Groundwater Resources on Illinois Mountain Watershed Property, Highland Water District, Highland, NY” Mid-Hudson Geosciences, December 1, 1999.
  • “Report: 72-Hour Pumping Test, Sunset Ridge Subdivision, Phillipsburg Road, Town of Goshen, Orange County”, NY for Clients of Lanc & Tully Engineers by Mid-Hudson Geosciences, July 29, 2002.
  • “Shawangunk Recharge Area and Groundwater Management Plan” for New York-New Jersey Trail Conference by Mid-Hudson Geosciences, September 2002.
  • “Report: Aquifer Protection Study, Town of Hurley, Ulster County, NY” for Environmental Conservation Commission, Town of Hurley, Ulster County, December 2003, revised June 2004.
  • “Pumping Test Report for High Meadow School, Stone Ridge, NY” prepared for James L. Reynolds, Architect and Barry Medenbach, PE, Stone Ridge, NY October 28, 2004. Letter Reports: “Hydrogeologic Analysis of Operation of Proposed Septic System Project,” “Hydrogeologic Analysis of Rainstorm and Operation of Proposed Septic System Project,” “Hydrogeologic Analysis of Water Table Variation During Monitoring Period, “ and “Method of Calculating Hydraulic Conductivity from Slug Testing, Addendum to Hydrogeologic Analysis of Operation of Proposed Septic System, Project: Plaza South, Newtown,” CT for PW Scott, PE of Brewster,NY, April through October 2005.
  • Several Papers RE: “Calculations and Actions for Pesticide Remediation in Former Orchards, now Residential Subdivisions in Orange County:” Greiner and Wildflower Vista Subdivisions, BCM Develop- ment in Town of Newburgh, Palladino and Double R Subdivisions 2004-2005.
  • “Review of FEIS (November 18, 2004) and DEIS (July 28, 2004) for Proposed Mushroom Production and Processing Facility by Yukiguni Maitake Manufacturing Corporation of America in the Town of Mamakating” and “Review of DEIS (July 28, 2004) for Proposed Mushroom …” and associated testimony at Planning Board Hearings for Bashakill Area Assocation, Wurtsboro, NY, April through October 2005. Additional Work in 2006, 2008
  • “Report: Aquifer Protection Study, Town of Marbletown, Ulster County, NY,” for Environmental Conservation Commission, Town of Marbletown, Stone Ridge, NY, September 2005.
  • “Report: Pumping Tests for Dewatering Site for Construction, Former Mobil Gas Station, Christie Place, Scarsdale, NY,” for Clients of Ecosystems Strategies, Poughkeepsie, NY (April through June 2006).
  • “Pumping Test Report: Vertical Well V3, Illinois Mountain Watershed Property” for Highland Water District, Town of Lloyd, Ulster County, NY. (July through November 2006).
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  • Letter Report and Testimony at Public Hearing: “Review of DEIS for Proposed Mahamudra Buddhist Hermitage, Cragsmoor, NY, Dated: June 30, 2006 for Cragsmoor Association (December 26, 2006). Additional report September 20, 2007.
  • “Geologic Assessment of the Hudson Landing Site,” in conjunction with Ecosystems Strategies, Inc. for City of Kingston and Town of Ulster, Ulster County, NY (November 2007)
  • “Gulf Station NYS DEC Gasoline Spill Number 9406827 Route 52 and Lake Drive, East Fishkill, NY” for Paul C. Garner, Esq. Of New York City, Conklin vs Gulf (June 2008)
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  • Technical Report: Environmental Impacts of Geologic Conditions and Steep Slopes on the West Side of Byram Lake RE: Seven Springs DEIS, Siccardi & Schiff, Inc dated June 2008” for private client and Town of Bedford, Westchester County, NY (August 2008).
  • Letter Report and Testimony at Public Hearing: “Review of DEIS for Basher Kill Subdivision at Deerpark dated July 23, 2008” for Basha Kill Area Association (September 2008)

Employment History

William L. Going & Associates, Inc.
Senior Associate

Ballard Engineering
Senior Hydrogeologist

Ramapo College
Adjunct Professor
Fall 1996

EA Engineering
Senior Hydrogeologist

Dames & Moore
Senior Hydrogeologist

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Adjunct Professor – Groundwater Hydrology
Fall 1987

Milton Chazen Engineering Associates
Senior Consulting Hydrogeologist

Lawrence Allison West, Operations Contractor for Naval Petroleum Reserve #3
Senior Reservoir Geologist

Terrasciences, Inc.
Dipmeter Consultant

Sohio Petroleum Company
Senior Development Geologist

ARCO Oil and Gas Company
Summer Geologist

Petroleum Kirby Exploration Co.
Consulting Geologist

College of St. Rose
Adjunct Teaching – Geologist

New York State Museum (Oil & Gas Geology) & Science Service
Scientist – Geological Survey