Environmental Due Diligence

Banks, attorneys, businesses, municipalities and county agencies have found that William L. Going & Associates, Inc.’s environmental site assessment reports effectively and reliably communicate “recognized environmental concerns” associated with a property.

The due diligence process generally follows current ASTM/USEPA protocols, although the process can be enhanced to suit a client’s unique needs and risk management preferences, the nature of the property involved, or the requirements of the lender.

We have found that our clients appreciate the standard of care evident in our reports and the thoughtfulness with which our conclusions and recommendations are crafted. Typically, the objective of the process is to conduct all appropriate inquiry regarding the environmental condition of a property in accordance with good commercial practices, in order to establish an innocent purchaser/landowner defense.

The process may include completion of a non-intrusive Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (a.k.a. Phase I ESA or Level I) or may require site-specific intrusive sampling (a.k.a. Phase II ESA).